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Llandough Hospital: Barry woman's 'let my daughter home' plea

A photograph of Laura Clode smiling with her mother PamelaImage copyright Laura Clode /Facebook
Image caption Laura Clode, pictured here with mother Pamela, has been an in-patient at Llandough Hospital since last June

A mother has pleaded with health bosses to end her disabled daughter's "prolonged" stay in hospital.

Laura Clode, 26, was admitted to Llandough Hospital in Cardiff nine months ago and has not yet been allowed to return home.

Ms Clode, who suffered from involuntary seizures, was told she could leave the mental health unit six months ago.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said it was sorry for delays putting a care package together.

Image caption Hafan y Coed was opened in 2016 and billed as the "centrepiece" of Llandough Hospital's £88 million revamp

Her mother, Pamela Dungey, 53, from Barry, said: "She is well enough to come home, but she is still stuck in hospital.

"The longer she is there the more and more depressed she is becoming. She is constantly in tears and just wants to come home."

Ms Dungey said her daughter's mental health began to suffer in January 2017 after the effects of a back condition known as Scheurmann's disease began to take its toll.

Ms Clode then began to have dissociative seizures and would hurt herself.

Doctors managed to get the seizures under control with medication and said that her daughter was ready to go home after four months in the Hafan Y Coed unit in Llandough hospital.

A spokeswoman for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said: "As a health board we work closely with care agencies to put appropriate care packages in place for patients to be discharged home after a stay in hospital.

"Patient safety is a priority when implementing discharge plans and we involve the patients and their families where necessary to ensure the packages are suitable for their needs.

"In complex cases commissioning a care package can unfortunately take longer according to individual circumstances and the changing needs of the individual during their recovery."

Image copyright Laura Clode / Facebook
Image caption Laura Clode was diagnosed with a spine condition aged 12. Her condition worsened over the years – which in turn then affected her mental health

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